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Fiber Closures


The strong housing provide fire resistant, anti-aging, anti-UV and waterproof, quake-proof while protecting splices during pulling, torsion and impacting. Highly reliable sealing system. Heat-shrink on the ports. Can be used in aerial, underground, direct buried installation environments. Available for wall, stand or pole mounting.

Termination box FTTH-001 2f
FTTH-001 termination box is designed for use in residential and business applications for the termination of up to 2 fibres. It can hold max 2 SC/FC adapters. The unit can be quickly installed within an office, house or communication room environment.
Termination box 2fibers plastic (1SC or 2LC) TB-D

This 1 port FTTH wall outlet is a small-sized end-terminal product designed for the junction between optical fibre cable and ONT.
The box-type wall plate features 3 cable inlets and base and 1 adapter port, supporting 2 cores splice and termination. It is of ABS plastic that provides mechanical protection for optical cable and pigtail, push-type removable cover and dust cap prevents the enclosure from dust, inner routing guides for easy optical cable management, internal cable enters from front, bottom or back of the module for flexible deployment.

Termination box 1SC port TB-E2

The terminal box is a termination point designed to connect optical fiber cable with pigtail in FTTH indoor application.
This optical termination box (OTB) comes with 1 outlet port in the front for SC or LC adapters, usually used to connect drop cable to passive ONU devices. It is of ABS plastic providing mechanical protection for pigtail and optical cable; two independent area for the slack cable management, and splicing ; there is 4 entry positions in every directions to meet different requirement of installation. The front of box is available with SC or LC duplex adapter and supports 2 fiber count terminal.

Termination box 2SC port TB-E

The 2 fiber wall outlet is a termination box works as a decoration point for optical fiber in home or office, which is used to connect drop cable at customer site to desktop ONT through jumper. This small unit provides fiber splicing and storage for indoor wall mount application, the module designed to bring fiber to desk or living unit and widely used in the residential or business premises.
This fiber terminal box come with 2 outlet in the front for SC adapters, it can be flush mounted in indoor living room for FTTH network. It is of ABS plastic providing mechanical protection; internal routing allows for the slack management and reasonable fiber radius. There are 3 entry position at the base, front and side for flexible deployment. The wall plate enables easy, simple and quick drop cable connection within the home or office.

Termination box 8SC port TB5-SC8

The metal equipment is a termination box designed to connect optical fiber cable with pigtail in FTTH indoor application. The wall mount module is small and lightweight, especially suits mini-network terminal distribution, and it provides termination, fusion/mechanical splicing, and storage functions, the internal connection is made through the splice of drop cable or indoor cable and pigtail, It is widely used in the end termination of residential/business building and villas.
This wall mounted box comes with 8 external adapter ports, which usually used to organize and protect optical fiber splicing and termination for indoor application. It is of cold rolled steel providing strong protection for pigtail and optical fibre cable; hinge design cover is easy to open; internal routing for safe bend radius; there is 2 cable access points in the rear to meet multi-fiber cable termination, the front of metal cabinet is available with SC, LC adapter and supports 8 optical fibre count terminal.

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